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Bonni Smoothland
Santa Abigail
Bizhu S Millionnogo Mosta
Latibur I Am Proud To Be Smooth
Bon Triuph Olimpia For Love Story
Agata Smooth For Love Story
Legenda Kitaya Faer Stalker
Antanata Fidgy D'Lya Mur
Lav Story Normandia
Love Story Bordgia Smooth Bestseller
Alnair Shainin Star
Alsuhail Radian B'yuti
Denorvik Alf Gordon Shamuei
Si Huang Ti Velvet Prince
Lo-Re Pepperland Troubadour

Chow-chow puppies for sale

E-mail: lovestory9@yandex.ru
phone number:
8 (903)568-17-14 - Marina

kennel 'Victorian Style' (owner Avdievskaya V.)
Puppies were born on January 28, 2024.
Father: Drevniy Mif Real Leader for Lav Stori
Mother: Victorian Style Basma
There are 3 puppies in the litter:
1 black boy
2 girls (1 black smooth and 1 blue fluffy)
There are available puppies.

Detailed information and photos on the page of the litter.

kennel 'Plyushevye Mishki' (owner Mila Minenko) puppies were born from our Joy (Drevniy Mif Real Leader for Lav Stori).
Puppies were born on October 6, 2023.
Sir: Drevniy Mif Real Leader for Lav Stori
mother: Plyushevye Mishki Aika
There are 7 puppies in the litter:
5 boys (1 black, 1 cinnamon and 3 red)
2 girls (1 black and 1 red)

There are free puppies

Detailed information and photos on the page of the litter.

Previous litters
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